7 / 2014
7th Tbilisi Annual International
Contemporary Art Exhibition and
Art Events

November 7-17, 2014

ARTISTERIUM is a Tbilisi annual International Contemporary Art Exhibition and Art Event organized by the Georgia-based non-governmental art organization Artisterium Association. The event is composed of international exhibitions, individual art projects, educational and cultural programs.

ARTISTERIUM hosts the artists, artist groups, curators and art critics from the South Caucasus, Turkey, Europe, USA and Asia.

ARTISTERIUM is supported by the Ministry of Culture and Monument Protection of Georgia, British Council, Goethe Institute, French Institute and the embassies and institutions working in Georgia.

Address: 5/66 Balanchivadze str Tbilisi 0171, Georgia
T: +995 32 / 236 41 35
M: 995 (5) 74 32 51 71

Artisterium 2014 theme
არტისტერიუმი 2014 თემა

Event Program

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