International Forum of Contemporary Art

November 4-9, 2008

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The event is supported by The Ministry of Culture, Monument Protection and Sport of Georgia  

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The Georgian National Museum, Tbilisi History Museum ‘Karvasla’
The Gallery of Tbilisi Art
Academy ‘Academy +’
Goethe-Institute Tbilisi
The Caucasian
House of Tbilisi

Gallery ‘Arci’
The United States  Embassy in
Dumas French Cultural Centre, Tbilisi
British Council, Georgia

Culture Ireland

Art Villa Garikula

Caravansarai Artistic Exchanges, Paris


`Modus Operandi in quest of a different way

All along the human history, unanticipated decisions have created the conditions and motivation for progress. Nowadays society remains in permanent confrontation. We move forward pushing off or repelling each other. Thus we play, compete, communicate, and live.

Artists are the people who offer an experimental reality in which the most unexpected assumptions and intersections are possible. Art as the sphere of a mental (psychical) reflection on the surrounding reality models a different, detected reality. A quest of an alternative, different way in all spheres of human activity may stimulate the overcoming of contradictions and errors to reveal new possibilities.

‘Modus Operandi – in quest of a different way’ is the main theme of the project. It aims at creation of an exchange platform where the International artists are brought together to explore the artistic differences whilst celebrating the commonalities.

Participating artists and curators will meet and exchange with each other, the international art professionals will become familiar with the art-scene of the city. The event is thought as an activity that can contribute to a development of open dialogue, to popularization of contemporary art and culture to the wide public and to establish long-term and fruitful relations between the participants.



Academy +

ARCI Gallery

Baia Gallery

Goethe Institute


Caucasian House

Art Villa Garikula

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