International Forum of Contemporary Art

November 4-9, 2008

Centre for
The event is supported by The Ministry of Culture, Monument Protection and Sport of Georgia  

Partners and

The Georgian National Museum, Tbilisi History Museum ‘Karvasla’
The Gallery of Tbilisi Art
Academy ‘Academy +’
Goethe-Institute Tbilisi
The Caucasian
House of Tbilisi

Gallery ‘Arci’
The United States  Embassy in
Dumas French Cultural Centre, Tbilisi
British Council, Georgia

Culture Ireland

Art Villa Garikula

Caravansarai Artistic Exchanges, Paris


The Centre for Global Coordination of Culture and Art – CGCCA and the Centre for Visual Researches have established themselves as the platform for presentation and popularization of contemporary art on the national and international art scenes.

This year the CGCCA and the Centre for Visual Researches are initiating a new, artist-run, non-profit-making annual event – ‘ARTISTERIUM’ 2008.

International Forum of Contemporary Art ‘ARTISTERIUM’ takes place in Tbilisi, the capital of Georgia on November 4-9, 2008 for the first time. The Ministry of Culture, Monument Protection and Sport of Georgia provides partial financial support and organizational assistance.

The Title of the event refers to the art club functioning at the art magazine ‘ARS’ in the 10-s of the 20th century in Tbilisi. The club was famous for its avant-guard exhibitions, poetry evenings, lectures and other activities responding to the modernistic and cubo-futuristic tendencies of the time.

‘ARTISTERIUM’ is composed of international art exhibitions, projects, individual art activities, events, conference, educational and cultural programs.

‘ARTISTERIUM’ will host the artists, artist groups, curators and art critics from Georgia, Turkey, France, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, USA, UK, Poland, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Ukraine, Lithuania, Greece, Egypt, Italy and Ireland.

The catalogue of the forum is to be produced before and presented at the opening of the event on November 4 in the Tbilisi History Museum ‘Karvasla’.



Academy +

ARCI Gallery

Baia Gallery

Goethe Institute


Caucasian House

Art Villa Garikula

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