International Forum of Contemporary Art

November 4-9, 2008

Centre for
Organizational Board:
Iliko Zautashvili, director of the project,
Centre for Global Coordination of Culture and Art

Magda Guruli, curator,
contact person,
Centre for Global Coordination of Culture and Art

Lika Mamatsashvili, curator,
Tbilisi State History Museum ‘Karvasla’

Nino Tchogoshvili, curator,
Tbilisi Art Academy

Tamar Lordkipanidze, coordinator of the project,
the Ministry of Culture, Monument Protection and Sport of Georgia

Archil Turmanidze, designer of the project, the Centre for Visual Researches

Tbilisi History Museum ‘Karvasla’ is the main venue of the event. The three halls of ‘Karvasla’, it’s indoor yard and other venues will host a big exhibition of Georgian and foreign artists (curated by Iliko Zautashvili, Magda  Guruli, Lika Mamatsashvili), curated projects from abroad and one-day conference. Site specific works are also welcomed.

There is no residency involved. Participants have to arrive in Tbilisi at least 2 day prior of the event. Times of arrival and departure are a subject of negotiation.

All contemporary media are welcomed: video, performance, photography, print, object, indoor/outdoor installation; The ARTISTERIUM does not require the presentation of new art works only as it is not able to fund the production of works for the event. The theme of the event allows a wider artistic expression and use of already made works. Technical support will be negotiated and worked out in collaboration with the organizational board of ARTISTERIUM.

The organizational board of ARTISTERIUM will correspond with foreign cultural organizations and embassies functioning in Tbilisi, Georgia to assist the participation of the artists and art projects from the countries they represent in the main program of ARTISTERUM. The allocated funds or in-kind support will only be used by granted participants. ARTISTERIUM board does not require any additional funding. However coordination with the event’s organizational board is required.

Self-supported participation is welcomed in which case coordination with the event’s organizational board is required.

A small amount of funding may be allocated from the ARTISTERIUM funds upon application and through negotiation with the organising group. ARTISTERIUM will not be able to cover all expenses.

Representation of an artists, artists groups or a curators (with project) from any country will be considered. The attendance of artists is desirable due to the nature of the event. 

The images (300 dpi, jpg or tiff), information about presented artworks and a conceptual/curatorial text  /if any/  has to be sent to Tbilisi for September 15 for the catalogue to be published and printed before the opening. The catalogue will be distributed among participants, all interested parties and the visiting audience.

The logos of sponsors and partner organizations will be presented in the catalogue as well as on all printed materials highlighting the event (programs, banners, invitations, etc). The partner organizations will also be mentioned in all interviews and announcements concerning the event.

The theme of a one-day conference will be announced in the near future. At this stage it is thought as a platform for semi-formal discussion of urgent problems, exchange of experience, ideas and suggestions.


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