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    The International Exhibition of Contemporary Art and Art Events ‘Artisterium 2009’ organized by the ‘Artisterium’ Association and The Ministry of Culture, Monument Protection and Sport of Georgia is the second issue of the event established and first held in Tbilisi in 2008. 

‘Artisterium’ is an artist-run, non-profit-making annual event. The name ‘Artisterium’ refers to the art club functioning at the art magazine ‘Ars’ in the 10-s of the 20th century’s Tbilisi. The club was famous for its intense artistic milieu, avant-guard exhibitions, poetry evenings, lectures and other activities responding to the modernistic and cubo-futuristic tendencies of the time. The name of the event let us to restore the connections of contemporary art in Georgia to the Tbilisian modernism, thus to its roots.

The event will take place in the capital of Georgia, Tbilisi on October 8-15. ‘Artisterium’ is composed of international exhibitions, solo and curatorial art projects, a two-day conference, educational and cultural programs.

‘Artisterium’ will host artists, artist groups, curators and art critics from Armenia, Azerbaijan, France, Germany, the USA, UK, Poland, Austria, Italy, Switzerland, Sweden, Turkey, Czech Republic, South Korea, New Zealand, Latvia, Holland, Ireland, Australia, Greece, Iran, Russia and Georgia.

The ‘Artisterium 2009’ hosts the Emergency Biennale in Chechnya / World Tour / stop 12: Tbilisi, Georgia http://www.emergency-biennale.org/

The ‘Artisterium’ catalogue will be presented at the opening of the II Tbilisi International Exhibition of Contemporary Art and Art Events on October 9 in Tbilisi History Museum, 8 Sioni Str, ‘Karvasla’.