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- Four halls of the Tbilisi History Museum ‘Karvasla’ and it’s indoor yard will host a big exhibition of Georgian and international artists. The other venues of the city (not specified yet) will show the individual art projects. Site specific works are also welcomed. 

- There is no residency involved. Participants have to arrive to Tbilisi at least 2 day prior of the event. The times of individual arrival and departure will be discussed in the process.  

- All contemporary medias are welcomed: video, performance, photography, print, object, indoor/outdoor installation, contemporary painting, graphic; The ARTISTERIUM doesn’t require the presentation of only new art works, as the event can’t fund the production. Technical requirements will be negotiated and worked out in collaboration with the organizational board of ARTISTERIUM.

- A small amount for production may be allocated from the ARTISTERIUM budget upon suggestions and negotiations. However due to its shortage it can’t cover all expenses.

- Art works won’t be presented for sale as the event is a non-commercial, non-profit-making enterprise. If there is any commercial interest expressed to buy a work, ARTISTERIUM doesn’t see itself as a part of a deal;

- The organizational board of ARTISTERIUM is working with the foreign cultural organizations and embassies functioning in Tbilisi to assist the participation of artists and art projects from the countries they represent. The allocated funds or in-kind support will only be used by granted participants. ARTISTERIUM board doesn’t require any additional funding from grantor organizations. However coordination with the event’s organizational board is required.

- A self-supported participation is welcomed. In any case the coordination with the event’s organizational board is required.

- We seek participation of an artist, artists group or a curator (with the art project) from any country. In case of curatorial project the attendance of participant artists is highly desirable. 

- The images (300 dpi, jpg or tiff), information about presented artwork (title, date of production, media, size, duration, act) and the artistic biography has to be sent to the magda.guruli@gmail.com and turmanidze@access.sanet.ge (designers office) by July 5 for the catalogue to be published and printed before the opening. The catalogue will be distributed among participants, all interested sides and audience for free.

- The logos of sponsors and partner organizations will be presented in the catalogue as well as on all printed materials highlighting the event (booklets, program, banners, posters, invitations, etc). The partner organizations will also be mentioned in all interviews and announcements concerning the event.

- The TRAM Foundation organizes the two-day conference within the event. All questions concerning the conference have to be addressed to Ana Riaboshenko anamalia9@gmail.com